Name  Hugo Bouma
Country  The Netherlands
Date of birth  1991-07-05

Title  Imagens do Inconsciente
Form  Passacaglia
Instrumentation  Large ensemble with piano (10+)
Ensemble  Ensemble
Detailed instrumentation  (fl,ob,cl,asx-2pi-vi,3vla,2vc,cb)
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, 2 Pianos
Violin, 3 Violas, 2 Cellos, Double Bass
Players  13
Year (completed)  2017
Exact date and place (completed)  March 2017
Duration 08'30"
Genre  Contemporary, Modern (late), Serialism
Total pages  92
Level  Advanced
Extra info  A strict passacaglia. 
Not in bassline or harmonic motion, but as a set of unordered hexachords. 
Inspired by a painting by a madman.
Date (y-m-d)  2017-04-06
Venue  HKU Utrecht Conservatory - Fentener van Vlissingenzaal
Place  Utrecht
Country  The Netherlands
Performer(s)  Ensemble NUtrecht, Henry Kelder (conductor)

Written for  Ensemble NUtrecht